Martina Fajarudin

art director and founder of Gypsea Creators

Martina Fajarudin is an art director and the founder of Gypsea Creators, a digital marketing company based in Sweden. Her strong belief in visual identity as the key to being an authentic and successful brand in the marketing world has driven her work. Martina's background in law and finance, coupled with her experiences living and working in third world countries, has given her a unique perspective on creative creation and value-added marketing.

Martina's ability to look into a company's heart and identify what's driving its engine has allowed her to bring out its potential and help it see growth layer by layer. This has become her passion and her job with continuity, and she has sharpened her tools to better serve her clients. As a member of CANVA creator and a current UX Designer student in London, Martina continues to expand her knowledge and skills to provide her clients with the best possible service.