Dr. Sanja Popović-Pantić

Predsjednica Udruženja poslovnih žena Republike Srbije

Dr. Sanja Popović-Pantić, senior research associate in R&D Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, has been a President of the Association of Business Women in Serbia since 2000. She is a Global Chair for micro, small and medium sized companies within the G100 Global Network of one hundred women leaders across the world. She has been chairing Women Entrepreneurship Sector Group within Enterprise Europe Network since 2015-2021.  She was engaged as consultant specializing in innovation in the SME sector in five EU funded projects as well as in the field of women's entrepreneurship. Dr. Popovic-Pantic has published numerous scientific papers in the field of women's entrepreneurship and two books and has coordinated almost 100 mostly national projects, as well as several regional and international ones in this field.