Nera Monir Divan

gender equality and inclusion advisor at UNDP

Nera is a Gender Equality and Inclusion Advisor at UNDP. She has twenty-two years of programme experience with expertise in the domain of transformative social change using gender equality and the empowerment of women principles as accelerator of development. Ms. Monir Divan has a substantive know-how in policy development, programme integration and coordination, partnership development, resource mobilization and innovation. She currently leads the UNDPs efforts in implementation of Global Gender Seal Certification process, integrating gender into all aspects of development work of UNDP. She led research teams, authored dozens of innovative research projects and papers.

She is a PhD candidate in interdisciplinary gender studies at University of Sarajevo following the MSc degree on gender dimension of information society policies, and Bachelor (Honours) degree in Communications from the University of Malta (EU) and Victoria University of Technologies in Melbourne, Australia.