Justine Nambaziira Bujaković

Justine Nambaziira Bujaković, mother, braider and a model, BiH

I am Justine Nambaziira Bujakovic, a mother, braider and a model born in Uganda to the late Mr.Ssembuusi  Francis and Mrs. Nakimuli Josephine.

Most of my life as a child was spent in boarding school and that taught me how to be independent in life. After my secondary school, i got married and thats when the Idea of being a braider started. I have a very supportive husband in all my business endeavours.

Moved to Bosnia in 2015 and due to language barrier, and judgemental “LOOKS“ couldnot find a job.

Met a fellow African in 2017 who happened to have already started the braiding business in Tuzla. She was so helpful and i finally got the energy to embark on hair business. The beginning was very crazy and unyielding but just had to persist, work hard, do lots of internet marketing to finally drive my hair business to where it is now.

 The hair business is so diverse, so i have to keep up with the trends, pushing me to go in for more research and  learn more every single day. Iam dedicated to giving my clients the best services because i believe in being different and building self esteem. I have worked with big groups, big names in the music industry. This has opened lots of business collaborations around the balkans for me.

On the other side, i work as a commercial, fashion model for many companies. I have worked for SARAHFLINT SHOES, XOS Concept, Zlatar Dar and many more.

This has shown me that all one needs is to  stand up and take that first step into the unknown.